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​​​​​​​​TLA Webinar Series​

TLA’s webinar series seeks to expand the association’s CLE offerings by providing timely information on issues of concern to transportation attorneys from the leaders in the field.  TLA members, non-members and non-attorneys are welcome to attend.

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Date: Thursday, June 10, 2021 - 2:00 p.m. Eastern

  • Member Price:  Complimentary
  • Non-member Price:  $50

May the Force Be with You!  How Transportation and Logistics Companies Can Win the Battle of Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, and Defeat Itinerant Cyberspace Marauders
Even before the COVID era, Cybersecurity attacks, and commensurate ramped up defenses, were on the rise.  In this webinar, two preeminent cybersecurity, IT/IP contracting, and data security panelists will discuss this new wave in the tech industry and the transportation and logistics sector.  Since the COVID era, the sector has seen an exponential rise in digital forms of communication amongst employers and employees, independent contractors, and in the day-to-day mechanics of the shipping/transport/storage and loading processes itself.  This Great Digitization also exponentially increases the risk of cybersecurity threats.  The Panel will discuss cybersecurity and data privacy contingencies from both a combative and a preemptive perspective.  The Panel will touch upon internal projects to become CCPA and/or GDPR compliant, and how to prepare and negotiate DPAs.  The Panel will also discuss drafting and negotiating software/IT/data related agreements, to include these and other protections at the interstites of IT contracting, privacy and the driver experience.  Finally, the Panel will explore how to set up internal systems that complement privacy compliance efforts and related contracting, like data mapping and the necessity of legal/compliance, IT, operations, and human resources working together to rebuff cyber attacks.  Bring your light sabers, and we hope that the force will be with you!


  • Discuss the new wave of cybersecurity attacks and commensurate ramped up defenses in the tech industry and transportation and logistics sector.
  • Discuss cybersecurity and data privacy contingencies from both a combative and a preemptive perspective.
  • Review how to set up internal systems that complement privacy compliance efforts related to contracting.


Category: Transportation – TRN; E-Commerce – COM6

Moderator:  Christopher M. Kelly

Jeffrey R. Wells, Co-Chair of Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Privacy, Clark Hill PLC, Washington DC
Helen M. Schweitz, Associate, member of Intellectual Property/3iP Practice Group, Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP, Chicago, IL
Suggestions for webinar topics and presenters are welcome.
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2020-21 Webinar Committee
Tamara Goorevitz
Tyler Hayes
Pam Palmer
Melissa Richardson
Daniel Sbanotto
Eric Zalud

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